puerto vallarta



While the vlog I made is a nice little summary of our trip, I still wanted to write and share about the minor details throughout the trip.

My sister’s getting married!! So of course, a bachelorette trip is a must. As part of my maid of honor duties, me and the other two bridesmaids planned this trip to celebrate my beautiful big sister. We decided on Puerto Vallarta, considering we’d never been there and heard it was a fun yet more cultural side of Mexico. Knowing my sister this trip needed to be classy with a dash of crazy.

I flew from Hong Kong to Seattle, and fell really ill along the way. I rested for a few days detoxing and trying to mend my health at home. Before I knew it, the gals were all together heading off to Puerto Vallarta— with the ‘bride’ & matching ‘babe’ sweaters of course.