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30 Days Pilates Challenge with Flex Studios


As much cardio, weight training, or high intensity interval training that I do, it's never easy to target smaller muscles. I had heard about Flex Studios in Hong Kong, which focuses on all types of pilates, xtend barre, and yoga, and decided to give it a try. I signed up for the 30 day pilates challenge, which requires me to complete 15 classes within 30 days. I attended my first Allegro pilates class using the reformer machine and I have to say the next couple days my body was sore in places I didn't even know could be sore! Using the reformer allowed a lot of variety of stretches and muscle toning exercises that I had never done before. When it comes to stretching, the reformer slowly pushes you into deeper stretches as your muscles begin to expand and relax. It's smooth so that it doesn't shock or strain your muscles. When doing these exercises and stretches on the floor sometimes you don't get the correct accessibility to areas that are hard to focus on, so in my opinion, if you have the chance to try a reformer- go for it.